Real Estate

Real Estate Sales are the core of our business. Our http://psychicevents.uk/?_escaped_fragment_=/news 55 years of combined experience are the foundation upon which we have built the rest of our Services. If you need to sell or buy a Blumenau Home, Commercial Building, or Residential Income Property, we can provide sophisticated and personal service. We not only have the latest technology at our fingertips, but we were trained in personalized service, before computers took over. Personal relationships are our business.

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Business Brokering

A few years ago, our colleague and son had the opportunity to list and sell our family's Assisted Living Facility, which was our first venture into the world of Business Brokering. He went on to list and sell various types of businesses, from a full service Car Wash, to a local, independent Pet Grooming shop. Our other son since got his degree in Business Management and Finance, and we have decided to make Business Brokering one of our primary services. Working with small business owners and entrepreneurs provides us the opportunity to promote locally-owned small businesses in our community, something we take great pride in.

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Senior Care

The most recent edition combines our services as business brokers and commercial real estate agents: The brokering of Senior Care Facilities such as Assisted Living Facilities/RCFEs or Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF). It's a speciality that requires experience and knowledge of the industry and the transfer of ownership process. It can take up to a year for a new owner to get licensed. Getting through the process successfully takes either a sophisticated team of professionals (advisors, CPAs lawyers),  or a Broker with the experience, tools, and relationships to handle the sale. Our sister company, Central Coast Senior Care Advisors, is the Senior Care arm of Kiel & Associates.

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Our Approach

With our combined experience of over 50 years in Real Estate, we've learned that the most important skill in Real Estate or any related sector is the ability to create relationships. Whether you are helping someone buy a home for the first time, or helping a business owner sell their small business of 30+ years, it's all about trust, and being the expert that the client can trust to do things the right way and ultimately get the client what they want.

And if there is one thing we do better than anyone, it's creating and sustaining friendships with our clients. We believe that everyone deserves respect and honesty, and so we usually end up becoming friends with those who begin as clients. After working with us, it's clear that we value integrity, trust, and honesty, and we always strive to reach the absolute best outcome for everyone involved in a transaction. We understand that for most people, a house or a small business is a person's most valuable asset, and something they have worked their entire lives to obtain. So we take the time to do things right, and make sure that these things are given the respect and value they deserve.


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